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Massage Therapy for women

We solve problems!

$99.00 hr & up Tips Included!

AahRelax's mission is to help solve problems within your body, and improve  quality of life free from pain, tension, and stress 1-2 hours at a time .  We solve problems and deliver 5 star results!

Massage is generally considered to be one of the best things you can do for your body and mind, as it can have numerous physical and psychological benefits. Facials help turn back the clock and help skin feel soft, look and feel hydrated, moisturized and protect skin from environmental damage. Invest in your health. Invest with AahRelax.

Reduced muscle tension and pain: Massage can help to relieve muscle tension, soreness, and pain, which can be particularly helpful for individuals with chronic pain conditions or injuries.

Improved circulation: Massage can increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which can help to improve overall circulation and support the body's natural healing processes.

Reduced stress and anxiety: Massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and releasing feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin.

Improved sleep: Massage can help to promote deeper, more restful sleep by reducing stress and tension in the body.

Boosted immune system function: Massage has been shown to help boost the immune system by increasing the activity of natural killer cells, which are important for fighting off infections


Relaxing massage for women

Home massage and facials by licensed professionals with skill and 5 star service.

Baby Shower

Get together and relax with Mini Mani/Pedis, Facials and Chair Massage.

Mobile Manicure


Relax Conference attendees with Chair Massage, Mini Facials, and Mini Manicures


Aahrelax was started from humble beginings. Tanya is a former nurse with experience working in an HIV / AIDS hospice setting and with terminally ill patients. She also worked with Beauty Bus Inc., where beauty was given to guests that lived with life threatening illnesses, to help them look good, and feel better . After discovering how massage and beauty helped to bring joy and encourage patients, a massage therapy career was pursued.


Tanya has been practicing Massage therapy for 17 years in April 2023, and has practiced to become one of the best, thorough massage therapists that always customize treatments for guests.

She is background checked, well versed in massage including Sports massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxing, Pregnancy and many other professional treatments. Each treatment is customized for each guest and its always our goal to provide 5 star treatments for Women, Small Companies, Professional Athletes, and Parties for Children or girls.

What Our Clients Say

Massage Therapy for Neck

I hired 3 ladies for manis, pedis, & reflexology. They were the sweetest ladies and professional. The polish was great and everyone at the party was so happy with their service

Renee - Long Beach, CA

Womens Spa Party

We had a friends Spa/Birthday party and the services was so relaxing and amazing hands. Book these pros for your in home or hotel with your friends. They are so good!

Amber - Pacifica, CA

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