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my name is Tanya,, and I am seeking donations for Aahrelax. I am a licensed massage therapist, and cosmetologist in California and Utah state. I am seeking donations for a more professional website, a location to do business in the bay area and or in Utah, do provide a vehicle as our professionals will have their own transportation system in the San Francisco Bay area because parking is so scarce.  Please consider donating to our cause to provide professionally therapeutic massages, facials, and massage parties to spa savvy guests in the comfort of their home or on location. One of our new services provides hospitality hands and kitchen staff to high profile guests in Utah state. We'd like to also provide this in San Francisco, CA.

Our website needs overhauling and with the high rising costs of everything, Covid pandemic circumstances have brought us to a halt and we ceased to provide amazing professional treatments. We are starting up again, however need funding to keep going and provide the amazing services and parties we once provided to our amazing clients.

We dont know if an app is on the rise but to stay tuned in and follow us for updates.


Customers have many choices than they had 10 years ago and we'd like to be their choice. Our company has a 4.5 Review on Yelp and our company only delivers the best quality massages and treatments in the field. 


Thank you for allowing me to share. Please consider donating to help our business grow!