Driving is for them not me!

As we become more and more busy I had to find the time to get my Me Time in and as soon as I thought about driving to the hair salon, then the spa, and then the mail shop, I was exhausted.

My friend told me how the spa is now revolutionized to in home treatments so I had to try it for myself. Once I started in Home, I couldn’t stop! Now I have spa at home and began to do it as a business to serve others that require the same luxury and 5 star service that I desire.

Aahrelax Wellness has branched out to Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, California to serve the powerful women and their families. We serve men when one of our powerful women refer them for VIP service, but in the meantime men you just have to wait, or book out 5 star Massage therapist Byron in Los Angeles to bring 6 star treatments to your home.

I am so glad I tried in Home because now I know that it’s not for everyone just the Elite, and the powerful people that have time to relax, not drive but just relax in our hands.

Book Tanya in Salt Lake for an amazing facial, Reflexology Hand and foot treatments, mobile haircuts, and back facials with an emphasis on relaxing the back with therapeutic massage after your facial. You will be so glad you did!

Book Now for 10% Off your treatments and we’ll give you another 2nd treatment for 50% OFF! How that for a great deal. Visit us at Aahrelax Wellness. Thank you for allowing us tat Aahrelax Wellness to share our amazing discovery about in Home Massage, Facials, and Parties.