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Lemongrass Tea Tree

Lemongrass Tea Tree is an anti fungal, antibacterial, healing butter that purifies your skin.


Patchouli Orange Tangerine

POT is a great butter for dry cracked skin and dry hair. This is an earthy fresh amazing scent.

Bathroom Bodies

Men,  and Women of all ages can experience a sanitizing aroma for when you "have to go" in your private space, to freshen up your bathroom and your body. This product is made and formulated by a licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist. Shouldn't  your bathroom spray have multiple uses than just for when you gotta go? Well this one does for use on external skin.

For All Baths & Bodies

Bathroom Body is named for exactly its purpose. This product is safe for all people, even pets and is formulated to sanitize the air after the go, and the skin as a body spray. Bathroom body is completely safe as it's made with purified water, 70% rubbing and massage alcohol, Pure aloe Vera gel (sanitizer), and antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial essential oils. Made with you in mind.

Choose from  Lavender,  

TREE- Lemongrass Tea TreePOT- Patchouli Orange & Tangerine, and a Secret Blend we made for Valentines Day!


$6.99 with Refills for just $5.00 when you run out! (Send us your recycled container).

Raw Shea Butter

8oz. $7.99  |        16oz.    $13.00        |   2 lbs    $20.00

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